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US and Canada Daily Snow

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Skiing powder is the best. And then there is this other season called summer with hiking, biking, climbing, and much more.

That's why we developed OpenSummit, our summer service that provides hourly weather forecasts for thousands of mountain locations and destinations across the United States.

And today, we are excited to introduce radar, snow depth, and temperature maps in OpenSummit!

Zoom in to find any location that is marked on the map. You'll know if precipitation is approaching, if you're likely to encounter snow on the trail, and the current temperature along the trail.

View these maps right now at OpenSummit.com/map and in the OpenSummit iOS and Android apps.

We think OpenSummit is now the only app + website where you can see high-resolution animated radar and snow depth data specifically for outdoor adventures and we couldn't be more excited!


Two Apps, One Subscription

Like OpenSnow, we provide free forecasts on OpenSummit with an optional All-Access upgrade to see radar and snow depth maps plus longer-range forecasts.

If you are an All-Access subscriber to OpenSnow, then you automatically enjoy the All-Access features on OpenSummit at no additional charge. 

That's year-round weather coverage for all of your outdoor adventures for only $1.58/month.

If you have a free account on OpenSnow, use the same email address and password to log in to OpenSummit to check it out.


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